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1:1 Update



Thank you for your continued support throughout the first year of our 1:1 transition. On the whole, our experiences inside and outside of the classroom with the addition of the Chromebooks have been extremely positive. Opportunities have been boundless.  Ideas continue to thrive and students are initiating both ingenuity and creativity as a result. An example would be taking the concept of the Socratic seminar outside the walls of the classroom through use of the Google platform by allowing students to collaborate, challenge or build on the thinking of  teachers or peers, share unique ideas, offer insights and perspectives, ask questions or share “I wonder” statements with the class. The aforementioned fosters higher order thinking by discovering solutions to complex problems and sharing thinking to illicit feedback or simply to garner multiple perspectives to broaden and deepen understanding. It is exciting work!


We are also learning as we go! Most recently we have been consistently challenged by large numbers of students either forgetting to charge their Chromebooks- or forgetting the Chromebooks entirely! The result of which depletes our loaner service entirely.  In an effort to continue to bolster student responsibility as we close out the third quarter of the school year, please see the new policy changes outlined below. We truly appreciate your support at home as we seek to continue to promote student growth in the area of individual responsibility.



If a student forgets their Chromebook:

  • Students may only receive a "loaner" from our technology department during homeroom.
  • Students must immediately send their parent an email explaining that they have borrowed a Chromebook for the day because they forgot theirs and offer a solution for how they will remember in the future as they are only allowed to borrow twice after.
  • After 3 occasions, students will not be able to borrow again for the day.  

If a student forgets to charge their Chromebook:

  • Please allow students to charge in the classroom during the day.
  • Please have students email parent/s to inform them that they forgot to charge their Chromebook and provide a strategy they will use to remember in the future.
  • If this becomes excessive please let an administrator know so that they can support efforts related to building individual responsibility.

As Always- THANK YOU!!